What To Expect

Ostir specializes in discovering uncommon value and strategic fit opportunities.

Ostir works with individual entrepreneurs, as well as privately held and publicly traded companies. Ostir takes a “pro-active” approach to finding businesses, which match the prospective purchaser's selection criteria.

Our professional network of accountants, lawyers, bankers and other merger and acquisition professionals provide us with a constant flow of wide ranging quality business opportunities.

Acquisition Process

After reviewing your purchase criteria we will invite you to participate in a review process of current or future acquisition opportunities upon signing a confidentiality agreement. 

  • Establish an acquisition plan.
  • Select optimum business opportunity
  • Develop acquisition criteria
  • Prepare and present purchase offer
  • Evaluate financial capability
  • Negotiate the sale
  • Conduct target industry assessment
  • Coordinate purchase investigation process
  • Target and review specific business opportunities
  • Manage all aspects through to closing