Selling a Business

Ostir Business Brokers focuses on attracting the best buyers and maximizing after-tax results while maintaining the highest possible degree of confidentiality throughout the process.

We respect that the decision to sell your business is a difficult one. We understand that you have spent many years working hard to build the company and now want to receive the highest price possible. You want to find the right buyer, achieve the highest price, and still maintain confidentiality. We work strategically to find you the right buyer, so that you can achieve the highest possible price while ensuring confidentiality is maintained throughout the transaction process. Selling your business is our business. From initial valuation to closing the transaction, Ostir Business Brokers provides step-by-step guidance throughout the sale process. To ensure our clients satisfaction, we utilize the following proven four (4) step selling process which ensures maximum exposure to qualified strategic buyers while maintaining strict confidentiality though-out the transaction process:

1. Confidential Evaluation

Prepare a confidential evaluation of business. Ostir Business Brokers will evaluate the client's business including a review of historic financial information, researching the industry and understanding the specific issues of the client's business that impact on value. We will reconcile this information to actual market sales data - factoring "special or synergistic purchasers" before providing our final value conclusion. Ostir provides clients with a confidential evaluation without fee or obligation - essentially providing them with a "risk free" opportunity to experience their capability before having to make a commitment.

2. Prepare Professional Marketing Materials

Prepare a professional confidential business summary – which will be reviewed and approved by the owner and their professional advisors prior to marketing. Prospective purchasers will be presented with quality professional marketing materials which detail the business acquisition opportunity.

3. Position the Business for Market

Position the business to attract strategic and financial buyers. Utilizing our comprehensive proprietary data base as well as our considerable professional networks and resources which we have developed over the past 20 years, we will identify probable synergistic buyers. Our strategic approach focuses on attracting the best qualified buyers and maximizing after-tax results while maintaining the highest possible degree of confidentiality throughout the process.

4. Close

Ostir Business Brokers' strategic approach allows us to close transactions faster, and therefore client confidentiality is maintained throughout the selling process.

Ostir Business Brokers ensures your business receives maximum exposure to strategic purchasers. Strategic or special purchasers normally achieve the greatest post acquisition benefits and as a result of strategic advantages or synergies they normally are prepared to pay the highest price for an acquisition. As an International Business Brokers Association member, and an industry professional for over 20 years, Ostir has access to special purchasers located both locally as well as internationally.

Ostir Business Brokers allows their clients to conduct their business without interruption. Ostir coordinates all phases of the transaction, from marketing evaluation to execution of marketing strategy, to coordinating due diligence and then finally to closing.