Buying a Business

Ostir specializes in discovering uncommon value and strategic fit opportunities, which may not have been previously marketed. Ostir has worked with both public and private companies as well as individuals in this area. Ostir takes a "pro-active" approach to finding businesses, which match the prospective purchaser's selection criteria. Our professional network of accountants, lawyers, bankers and other merger and acquisition professionals provide us with a constant flow of wide ranging quality business opportunities.

Acquisition Process

  • Establish an acquisition plan including development of acquisition criteria
  • Evaluate financial capability
  • Conduct target industry assessment
  • Target and review specific business opportunities
  • Select optimum business opportunity
  • Prepare and present purchase offer
  • Negotiate the sale
  • Coordinate purchase investigation process
  • Manage all aspects through to closing

Current Business Opportunities

Due to the confidential nature of our services and the desire of our clients to maintain confidentiality, we ask interested purchasers to contact our offices directly to arrange a confidential meeting. Generally we have distribution, wholesaling, manufacturing, transportation, service, retail and franchise business opportunities available with offering prices ranging from $500,000 to approximately $20 million.

For a list of selected offerings please visit our page featuring Businesses For Sale.